Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outfits autumn we should consider for a day chic


Already, it's official: the cold is coming to our day to day. And for that I have already made the switch cabinet fit and I put the quilt on the bed. The outfits change considerably and I can not remember how to combine jeans with boots and jackets. I have to throw oil on the body and luckily these girls help inspire me. What style! With outfits like that, I do not mind the fall come to keep me ...

And is that a key point for these days is to use spring footwear with winter garments. This contrast makes your style is up to full power. Like what? We may use stilettos look without stockings that hinder the outfit.


And in this time of transition in the mornings and the evenings cool, but not during midday, it is best to opt for a jacket that meets expectations. In this case the best option is a raincoat (key garment to have in our closet lifetime).


Does the garment arrived I like this point? The high-waisted pants and XXL . And this year, if pictures are better. I love this Asos model who wears the star of Fash 'n' chips, what do you think?


And if you're worshiping the black color but do not want to be off your styling, you can do as Dans Saray Vogue: break the monotony with the jacket.


Are you going to implement any of these looks?

Photos | Jestem Kasia , Fash 'n' chips , My Daily Style , Fashionata , Dans Vogue
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