Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pajamas and homewear Parami Line (LadyBelty)

Pijamas y homewear de Parami Fashion is not just for the street and is also of doors inside your home, you can dress up with the new trends of winter, without sacrificing comfort.

Parami Line of LadyBelty has pajamas and homespun with modern design, and a very careful style, ideal to stay home warm and flirtatious. It is with these pajamas, nightgowns, robes, slippers and more homewear, you can receive any visit and enjoy your home without being embarrassed, as far as look is concerned.

And is that an afternoon of "couch and blanket" is not at odds with the style! So take a good look at the new collection Parami Line !
Pijamas y homewear de Parami

The collection autumn winter 2012 2013 Parami Line combines design and comfort in equal measure!

Pijamas y homewear de Parami The collection for fall winter 2012 2013 Line Parami follows different trends as oriental inspiration, winter and warmer colors, and fun designs and prints for both girls and boys.
Pijamas y homewear de Parami

How beautiful girl's pajamas with oriental-style shirt and pants with printed nesting dolls! My favorite!

Pijamas y homewear de Parami

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But these pajamas and house is not only beautiful and young, also very comfortable and warm because Parami Line only uses premium fabrics, pajamas and clothes are made ​​of 100% cotton, also used polar, velvet, fleece, ...

That said, join and homewear pajamas Parami Line (LadyBelty) and discover how good it is at home!
Pijamas y homewear de Parami

Source: LadyBelty

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