Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pants night, let us for a moment beside dresses

Eva Gonzalez pants

With all parties navddeñas, business dinners and other festivities are just around the corner is approaching a surfeit of elegant dresses of all kinds. And, however much they adore the dresses, sometimes fancy them aside and choose an equally elegant but more original to attend cocktail, dinners, and parties. And that option is pants. Loved Eva Gonzalez with black slacks at a ceremony held this week in Seville. The asymmetric top and heels add elegance it takes to classic trousers.

Pajama pants at night and not sleeping

Pajama pants have become a valid alternative to wear to work, for a more formal occasion and not just think of them as casual and comfortable option for a Sunday morning. For evening, should combine the pants with a blouse or shirt elegant and light colors, as do actresses Maria Leon and Ana de Armas.

night pajama pants

Tuxedo or suit they wear them

With some stilettos, a nice handbag, a little cleavage and a hairstyle and makeup that enhance our feminine traits, women can continue proving very sexy men dressed. Just like Emma Roberts and Eva Green.

Tuxedo Suit

Do you like the ideas for future celebrations?

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