Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Party bags for the soul of the night

white Black Suite Bag

A bad combo bag can ruin any look therefore have to be very attentive to the bag we choose. For several seasons small bags earn the biggest win. The bags or small bags are always more elegant, but not very comfortable, there is almost nothing and have to juggle to put everything we need but are so pretty. Choose well your bag and you'll be the queen of the night!

lace bag Parfois lace bag

When choosing a bag or other you have to take into account the type of party you are going, the time of day, protocol and etiquette, style of your look and colors. Ideally, choose a bag that matches your look to perfection. The reality is that there are not many shops party bags to choose from but here u na selection of the best we've seen for the new season.

zara Zara bag

A black purse party is a classic and a good investment because it can combine with almost any look or garment. For winter advocates a black handbag with beads in Zara.

Diane von Furstenberg, Diane von Furstenberg bag

A look can totally change as our supplements. To break a bit with a sober model can add a bag with a bright color. A red bag never fails, the photo is snakeskin Diane von Furstenberg.

white Portfolio White Suite

Why not combine our print dress with a handbag of the same fabric? Many times stores have bags of the same fabric as the dress you've chosen. An option for a total look. For a dress with brocade and Baroque Suite we have a portfolio of White to set some of his clothes.

White studs Black Suite Bag

The fans of the tacks you are lucky because the stores are invaded by studded bags and clothing. For a night out and take a look the pouches are ideal rocker studded.

zara bag Zara bag box

To look romantic and nude tones opt for bags dusted with beads. The photo is vintage style of Zara, embroidered satin and pearls.

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