Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Princess Letizia? Mango again? But this time ideal!


I tend to like the style of Princess Letizia, go direct and to the point. Always seems like something is missing, as if it were her own, always impeccable but always somewhat bland and too classical. To taste and know that there are options but this time in his last public appearance if I liked.


Admittedly innovate course, risk in place, it is not advisable. She has not been able to have that innate elegance that seems like princesses Sheikha of Qatar that is breathtaking despite not show an inch of your skin. Sheikha adores luxury fashion, not in vain has acquired the signature Valentino, Letizia seems to opt more for other courses.


I love to go for low cost, I do not understand is that special predilection for Mango. In any case his look at the opening of the Training Course 2012/2013, which took place in the Integrated Training Center "Juan de Herrera" of Valladolid if I liked.
Its V-neck sweater in cream skirt and snake, both of Mango, are a good choice and a touch of fashion, it will not jump too voices against both seem to chase.

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