Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sasha returns home for Christmas, say for Prada Resort 2013 Campaign

Resort 2013 campaigns continue gushing, in this case one of the most anticipated, the Prada. Sasha Pivovarova was the face of the firm, her legs, her eyes and lips for six seasons. The last was in a distant year 2008 and now the top back to the Italian house of Mrs. Miuccia.

Who better to photograph that Steven Meisel? 70 Pure, pure oxblood red trend with starring in his pants and the headdress of bright, pure Studio 54 on the top of super brightness Bowie, who has appeared in recent days declined Manhattan and have jumped voices alarm possible illness.

Half unaffordable luxury, luxurious half woman playing tennis at the Resort in Kenya with her husband and step onto the platforms impossible stolen from Andy Warhol groupies to dance with the music until dusk of Grace Jones.

Do you mix impossible, unthinkable or incredible?

In Jared | Brad Pitt gets poetic for intentarte sell Chanel No. 5
In Jared | Chanel plays a guessing game with Brad Pitt in the first image for Chanel No. 5, do you respond?

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