Tuesday, October 2, 2012

See that spike! The coolest shoes of the season


Click skewer you, sharp tacks have become the most for this season. It does not mean that you love fashion punk or thug. Take her in your day to day is not synonymous with having to wear ridge in the hair or a leather collar with large spikes. No tacks molan much and especially as far as footwear is concerned. And the companies know this, which is why we show it in every batch of models that launch. And you've got your dose?

Asos With A ...

Asos today has become one of the websites online selling's hottest. Something for everyone, classes, styles and budgets. This is the place where we find the most dispersed models. Which of these is more your style?


Primark (will we find anything?)

Primark do not know if in Spain find any of these models, but certainly in the UK and Dublin itself. And many of you girls weekends escapáis these destinations (lucky ones) that's why we talk about these models: nice and cheap (do not know what good is if you meet for sure). Heeled booties, planes, lounges or biker boots. With which of these models you stay?


For all Tsarist

Is obvious: to speak of a trend is talk of Zara. And then cubed. For each trend is exploited to offer all possible variants: sandals, platforms, boots, ballerinas or flat shoes. No matter what you need, you'll find it there. So take a good look at these models because soon you will see them around the store.


And you also prick at every turn?

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