Sunday, October 7, 2012

Short point above + below = estilazo!

Stella wants to die jersey

Desperately looking for ideas and looks that I solved how to dress these days that dawn heladores and temperature ranging fucking by the hour, I found these two great ladies looks of streetstyle, both native and foreign. Sporting a warm jersey knit top, and bottom, show legs with shorts, miniskirts or stop hovering below a light and airy jersey sundress. Stella wants to die like a good girl with this look. And you know the best?

Their sweaters are H & M and to copy their looks is as easy and economical. This gray sweater eights also been pleased. And the boots with buckles a touch rocker decked sugarcane.

jersey dress

From London, the Norwegian Hedvig also spins on this idea by adding the classic sweater grandma with ultra-feminine looks. The heels complete some outfits that look I'm in for now.

Hedvig white jersey

Hedvig purple jersey

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