Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spanish firms succeed through world


We already know that Zara triumphs among bloggers planet in half. The Spanish company has become the brand so veos fetish and all blogs that we show day in, day out. But not only the triumphs Inditex empire (though more examples that show itself), you want to know what other firms made ​​in Spain ravage wherever they go?

Zara Territory

Yes, the Inditex Group's flagship firm is preferred and so will display it. skirts, shoes, tops and bags. Anything goes and crosses borders: this time Sincerely, Jules shows us how to combine these shoes available in different colors.


And Lisa Place shows us how to give that youthful touch to the classic peplum top is more ladylike than anything else. Skin and recorded, the blogger decides co, binarlo with ripped jeans shorts. What do you think the outcome?


Yes, there is more life

Yes, but leaving aside Zara is more to life (but not much). That is why I was surprised to see the star of Columbine Smille with shoes from Bimba & Lola. Yes, the coat looks is Mango, but he already talked about earlier .


And as far as relates shirts Pull and Bear wipes: you can take the time, follow the trends of the moment and the prices can not be more appetizing. With jeans or skirts, they are part of the lives of many girls of half the planet.


And you, you get mad like them or prefer a foreign firm like H & M?

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