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Steps to be an It Girl: notes Atlanta de Cadenet

Atlanta de Cadenet it girl

Many wish to attain the status of It Girl, but few succeed. Atlanta de Cadenet is poised to become one of them. It is a very young girl with a history and a style that makes us think that we will hear more and more of it. And the formula for success to be a girl it seems simple, because almost all repeat the same pattern. Here are the steps to follow to be a real girl it:

1) Having a father and a mother rocker model

That is the classic mix, a rocker father put on your smug background DNA and a mother who will yield good genetics that makes you be photogenic in photos. The mixture of the success of many girls it is the same father and mother rock star divine death. In the case of Atlanta, his father is none other than John Taylor, a member of Duran Duran and his mother is actress, model and now photographer Amanda de Cadenet.

Atlanta and Amanda De Cadenet Atlanta with his mother, Amanda de Cadenet

Atlanta de Cadenet struck me since I saw her in the front row of Mulberry , for its resemblance to Rachel Bilson, and when I went to investigate and saw that the girl had to be meat wooden magazine and brand image for new it girl.

Amanda De Cadenet

2) To be cute, but pose as a bad girl

Obvious?, No? You have to be cute, be photogenic, give good on camera, but the pose Malota score. Photos studied, with that attitude rebel allegedly sold both.

cadenet amnda of style

Amanda De Cadenet style

3) To start the run run

You have to start talking about you. The starting point of Atlanta was his appearance on The Cobra Snake (page nocturnal revelry arose California where Cory Kennedy), and an article in Vogue Paris Une fille, a style. From there, many Tumblrs with your photos, collaborations with Net-a-porter, Elle UK ...

atlanta coachella

4) rub shoulders with the jet set

The photos of cliques of famous and it girls always look good together. You have to know how to move in the right circles, and for example, wear a Chanel Haute Couture in Paris debutante ball, and thus form part of the circle of friends of princesses and heiresses.

atlanta dance beginners

5) get a spot in the front rows

Mulberry addition, Atlanta has drawn the picture in the front rows of Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, ...

atlanta front row

6) Have Style

If you dress like everyone else, bored. Not worth putting the complete collection of Gucci or the Topshop lookbook, to mix, play with clothes, and create your own style, eclectic, different.

Atlanta de Cadenet boho

Atlanta de Cadenet has some boho leave, passion for long dresses and prints, a bit 70s.

atlanta style 2

When you have to dress nice girl also knows how to do.

atlanta casual

But above all he has is a lot of attitude. Draws attention to anything and that like.

Cadenet stlanta esitlo3

7) A profession by Brand

Be it girl is harder than it looks. Do not just be a model for all brands that interest you for you, be at parties, parades, etc.. You should also show interest in artistic endeavors, we say, give you a picture of something intellectual, rock, etc.. This new it girl has taken his first steps as a DJ (we, as all it girls), and seems to want to follow in the footsteps of her mother as a photographer. We'll see where it goes.

Atlanta de Cadenet cobra snake

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