Friday, October 5, 2012

Stradivarius lookbook October 2012: Add a touch of color to your style


It's official: Stradivarius wants for this Fall 2012 we remove our darker side. But unlike the previous lookbook , it brings full color notes trend. Example? The electric blue is presented in the form of shoes, pants or shorts.

How to combine paillettes shorts? Already the material provides a very festive air, but we can use it for day to day if we know how to put it: flat shoes and a wool sweater seems a good choice.


And when night falls we got on heels and combined it with a blazer. Thus we can make the most of you deserve this type of garment, what do you think?


Show your darker side

Dust off all your clothes dark because this year there are (again). Greys, blacks and grays to welcome an era where the cold begins to be present in half the country's streets.


Want to give a touch of color to your style? Dare to mix your dark clothing with other metallic: the combination is surprisingly good.


Although you can also decantarte by the classic military style parka in khaki green. Yes, this season is more fashionable than ever.


Although this time I want to become a biker type jacket but in tweed: I have seen in many stores and every time I meet a new model I like. Do you feel the same?


And yes, if you have a black day and you wake up with the wrong foot should not leave the style in bed. Prove to the world that no matter how you see everything black can still be perfect. How? With total looks in black.




Betting on the stripes

I'm more than pictures, I admit, but the stripes are more fashionable. And so we see in these images where each of the outfits we see a garment with this pattern as a lifetime.


Thick, thin, vertical or horizontal. You decide how, I'll stay with this wool sweater.


If you spend more unnoticed can opt for a dress shirt: will give a touch different without attracting much attention.


And if you like what you see but also you love the shorts, maybe fall in love with this other model.


Confessions accessories

Each time is more important accessories collection. Collars, shoes, bags, bracelets ... And this year, the material is the rhinestone star and tack.



Shoes and bags stain tones star of the season: klein blue and red. For which you opted?


Clothes are dark, yes, but I love the result. What do you think?

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