Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Style Duel: Sara Carbonero Sara Carbonero day or day? No!


Something this girl. It is always a matter of discussion in your comment. Are you consider that the total lack of style, look what others who always looks perfect. Anyway today is the woman who looks at her look, is exhausted. We saw it with wedge booties and his duel with Paula Echevarría . Today to debate his last two appearances during the day. What look were we? Both fall within the realm of the casual but one is more "sloppy".


We start with the most complete look so casual but something more interesting. How this girl likes boots! And how low cost! I find it strange that with its economic power will for clones and not the originals.

In this case your suede boots are studded, Zara.


And on the other side of the ring fashionista, his last public appearance on the streets of Madrid. She does not need great artifice, indeed seems to feel comfortable with a simple gray knit sweater and jeans with the same boots.

If you read this you might like to Sara: Is that the color will cause allergy? In seasons as colorful as these I would advise: change the red and gray suede boots by some dancers flat toe Chanel. Throw in a chain of yellow gold around his neck and great links list. How hard is it?

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