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Style icons: Joan Crawford, the femme fatale of film

Miss Crawford

When it comes to Hollywood icons, is very easy to fall into two basic classic, prototypical and for my taste, much given to self: Marilyn and Audrey (by this time you do not need surnames, are as Cher). So the first time I had to talk to chose icons Elizabeth Taylor, one of my favorite actresses and this time I want to talk about Joan Crawford who, along with Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, highlighted by a personal style: androgynous feline.

Survivor profession


Joan Crawford (Texas, 1905) was one of the few surviving silent films, with its path to sound, many stars were on the road because it worked without sound (histrionics, exaggerated movements, need to express without words) in film we know today did not fit. knew Joan Crawford reinvent and survive, and be a familiar face of silent films became a big star of the talkies. Physically, admittedly, was not a beautiful woman, did not fit within the prototypes did not have the exuberance of Marilyn Monroe, the sex appeal of Rita Hayworth or the beauty and innocence of Audrey Hepburn, but had something: was feline and wild, had eyes that spoke alone pecualiares crowned their brows that were one of their trademarks.



The style of this era is the representation presonora aesthetics of the roaring 20s.

Joan 20's


A life of light and shadow


Joan Crawford is considered the tenth female star of all time by the American Film Institute. He won the Oscar in 1945 for the film "Mildred Pierce" and highlight her performances in films like "Johnny Guitar" and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" Co-starring with his archenemy Bette Davis where they interpreted two sisters who hate to death, a hatred that crossed the screen as Bette Davis said of Joan "has slept with all the stars of the Metro Golwying Meyer, except for the dog Lassie."

Joan, estilazo

He had a reputation for devouring men and women say that among his achievements was the very Marilyn Monroe. Joan Crawford neither confirmed nor refuted about her personal life, thereby increasing its legend also accompanied with his image: sexy androgynous, giving aspect of woman strong, domineering, very masculine at times, always elegant and sober.


Joan male

Joan feline

But Joan also knew to be feminine, seductive draw his side with blouses and pencil skirts, long dresses typical of the "Golden Age" with rhinestone details. Joan had this image of "bad, very bad movie" that eclipses and can not stop looking.



Joan belonged alongside other actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo (Women fatalísimas movie) to "Sewing Circle", a private group of homosexual and bisexual women in the world of the arts, of course, at that time was a secret code Hollywood of conduct would not have accepted at that time. Besides its exclusive club, Joan Crawford was married four times (often marry and divorce should be given cache to the stars of the time) and was godmother of fashion angiejolienista the adoption of many children.


After the death of Joan Crawford, her adopted daughter wrote a book accusing her of a bitch, do not know if the story is true or Joan Crawford's daughter wanted to draw some extra money, but of course, Joan Crawford, great movie star, not ever lived (even death) outside the controversy and rumors about her.

Regardless of any controversy, Joan Crawford pioneered a androgynous style and sexy at the same time, what you do you think?

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