Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tab of the famous hat for this fall

Poppy Delevigne

? Clocking a new hat for the fall? Questions about what could be more successful and why not? The famous know the benefits of a good supplement like this and so much to choose holidays to street looks. Among several key ideas are drawn from what the details of style most seen and most importantly: how to run the hat.

End of summer, end of Panama

halle berry

Very nice, very comfortable, very timeless but best left for fall home the Panama since there are other ideas this time more suitable for summer. Better not follow the example of Halle Berry.

The halftime of the straw hats

eva longoria

We left Panama parked for the next season and opted for straw hat these days of halftime. Nor go further with it because like the above is not the most suitable for a few weeks where it starts to change over time. It is not necessary to introduce as much as Eva Longoria wearing it embedded in the head, besides hitting sunglasses. Better a little loose and backed out.

January Jones

January Jones is hats and season and is changing in darker shades as this black straw hat in the shape of the fedora.

The purchase does not fail

Elizabeth Olsen

Given the hesitancy of buying a hat for the winter I would clear the signing: a trilby, ie a shorter brim fedora and less pointed crown. With a tape and a straight wing. In dark. A dark brown and black belt will not fail and will combine with everything. Elizabeth Olsen knows this.

Poppy Delevigne

Even for those who seek to go to the latest trends of the moment with the election has to go through a larger fedora on the wing and above all: in burgundy , color this winter. Poppy Delevigne teams up with Chanel to go pretty well for .

Cloche, floppy hats and waves

Emma Stone

Cloche hat is not seeing much this early fall, although one of the basics is among more feminine style, rather it has finished design becoming broader hats in the glass and a wavy wing. So if they triumph over the street like this Emma Stone.


A perfect signing would be east of Stella McCartney for 195 euros .

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone prefers a hybrid closer to fedora that said, with a very wide brim, all in black.

Rachel Zoe

While Rachel Zoe took advantage of the last days of summer with a wide straw pamela.

A wool cap


For cold days, and for the most modern as Rihanna, better a wool hat with pompom as generous when we were dwarves. The trick is to take it out, halfway up. Nothing put him capon.

The beloved hat


And then there's fashion hats has become. Especially the baseball , the same as in their day Free Total strongly recommended us not to repeat the mistake of the 90s . Vanessa Hudgens is seen that does not read it because she chooses one over worst option.

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