Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thanks Emma Stone and Chloë Sevigny for these looks at Miu Miu fashion show!


Some it girls are the most controversial. Best, risk and the risk they screw. Contemplating the last hairstyle Chloé Sevigny was upset all that she thought, in short horror! . The front row of the Miu Miu fashion show has brought two lessons however good style, but do not cost that much worth.

I start with Emma Stone who knows the power of black when you're blonde and power of a lipstick red when you dress in black. Take note if we look like her hair and white complexion as she also reminded me that both the protagonist of "The Note" or The Notebook.


Amanda Seyfried lovely too.


Chloë Sevigny with spectacular shoes trend pattern curtain grandmother may sound ironic that I love, and that hair that this time is saved by this gorgeous eggplant color, with hints of the 40s lolita.


Berenice Bejo meanwhile opts for signature geometric print. Let's get it clear something concrete: this winter grab heeled loafers with tassels and brocade garment and iridescent, as bombastic as you want. Accompanies both a white shirt and you will. The street in your path as you will thank them.

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