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The best fashion photographers Terry Richardson, born provocateur


Photographer Terry Richardson Talk is talk of controversy and provocation. Lover of the eccentric and sex in all its forms and with a life that many envy, Terry Richardson is one of the fashion photographers who has surpassed the fame behind the camera to stand in front of the goal and become a more famous.

Annie Lomax Annie Lomax, Terry's mother

The beginnings

Terrence Richardson was born in 1965 in New York. Son of photographer Bob Richardson, grew up in Hollywood. In high school he played in a punk rock band for 5 years and then began photographing everything he saw around him. Soon her mother introduced her to a photographer friend and hired him as an assistant.

In 1992 he moved to New York where he began shooting his camera in nightclubs, endless nights of partying in the streets and apartments of the most colorful of the Big Apple. And between evening and night Terry began to break into the photography scene.

ALDO Aldo Campaign 2010
Emporium Emporio Armani Campaign 2011
ysl Campaign YSL

Fashion Campaigns

Terry Richardson assiduously done campaigns for Diesel, Miu Miu, Gucci, Sisley, Tom Ford, Aldo, Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Lee, Mango, Diane von Furstenberg, H & M, Emporio Armani, Jimmy Choo, YSL , Lacroix and a long etcetera.

lacroiz Lacroix Campaign 2007
hym Campaign for H & M

Her best fashion campaigns

sisley1 Sisley Campaign

You may THINK that campaigns for photographer Terry lately as better than those of the early years and I respect that. But their current campaigns often lack the spirit of the first transgressor. They have also been the most controversial, but they have a modern, current, and very decadent homespun them more special.




His campaigns in Sisley made ​​rivers of ink and did the first voices of protest against their highly erotic photos and even "junkie".

TOM FORD AND TERRY RICHARDSON. To Vouge France 2011. Tom Ford and Terry Richardson for Vouge France 2011.

It was the same with Terry campaigns for Tom Ford. Pornography photos that touch and sensuality unleashed just looking at them. The duo Terry and Ford is one of the best that has given fashion. They like cause and combined to perfection in their work.

tom ford Tom Ford perfume campaign

In the best magazines

Every month we see a photograph on the cover or in editorials Mr. Terry Richardson in the best fashion magazines worldwide. Work with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, iD Magazine, Purple Fashion, V Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc. Candy Magazine.

harper Home Harper's Bazaar November 2012
bazzar Home Harper's Bazaar May 2012
candy Home Candy Magazine October 2010

He rubs shoulders with the top of the fashion world and is one of the most demanded fashion photographers for magazines.

vogue Vogue Cover for men with Lady Gaga, a close friend of Terry Richardson
wool Home of the New York Times Style Magazine Spring 2012

When the photographer becomes famous

No doubt Terry Richardson has managed good return on your image. His glasses huge nerd style, their plaid shirts, tattoos, his whiskers, his thumb up and her poses are unmistakable in the world of fashion and celebrity front row. Any person who is photographed by just posing with him or with his glasses and always with the caption "this or that person as me." Richardson is the brand.

cameron "Cameron Diaz as me"
Angela Lansbury Terry and Angela Lansbury
gisele Terry and Gisele

It is quite tiresome visit his personal diary where you can find the model of the moment, showing his chest and posing in his studio with his glasses on. It even has its own merchandising, not without ego.

lady gaga Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, is the latest book by photographer
Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

Undoubtedly, Terry, has become an icon in the world quite questionable fashion. Although it has a troupe of friends not to leave: Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Jared Leto, James Franco, Lindsay Lohan ... Photographer is loved and hated in equal parts.

Carine Roitfeld With Carine Roitfeld

Breeding fame and lie down to sleep

You could say that photography of Terry Richardson has undergone some evolution, in my opinion worse. Nestled in a very privileged position gives the feeling that costs innovate and advance. To his credit it must be said that has created a brand, a style and a cache around your figure.

obama With Obama

Models, singers, artists, Obama, movie stars, actors, singers and countless characters posed for him and we do not get any. Everyone wants to be photographed by Terry Richardson, but is preceded by a reputation as a seducer and Party Animal head to toe, to put it more finely. In recent years, the years do not forgive, that reputation has softened.

Kate Kate Moss

But the photographer also has a tender side. Adored his mother, whom he photographs as usual. Terry photographed the agony of the poor woman before he died to pay tribute. Photo also the cities or suburbs of Middle America where he explores other aspects.

audrey With his girlfriend Audrey

No doubt Terry Richardson has scored an own style into the world of photography, we may like more or less, but there is work to last. What about you do you think Terry Richardson, bluff or genius?

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