Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The celebrities wear the trend and next summer


It will be the color of next summer, or rather the two colors. After contemplating the world media gateways no doubt the block color and sorbets are dead, long live the white, the black and the white and black! Fast forward, the union of fact tone with the absence of color and color funeral, and in winter is estilan and celebrities wear them alone and accompanied. Who do you prefer in this duel of style? A Kim Kardashian in white, black or Eva Herzigova of Milla Jovovich in black and white?


It's a bomb, the Kardashian tell. With Jessica Simpson out of circulation for overweight, the sexy diva throne of Americans are free. Someone says there that Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman in the world. The survey will have been done in a very young American aletoria because any pro will tell you that Kim Kardashian is sexier. She looks like a sex bomb dressed up with pure color and without showing a drop of skin.


On the other side of the ring Eva Herzigova, yes, that girl that was once hyper sexy thanks to Wonderbra and the kilos loss has become a model, if we mean by that woman model we consider amazing women and men unbelievable but lack of kilos.


And wearing the best trend we have Milla Jovovich, who shows how to style the airport and Paris Hilton look like a rundown with gold heels and cute puppy in Terminal 3.

By what we chose?

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