Friday, October 5, 2012

The colors of the season are already in the streets, would you have not opted for none?


Many shades (beyond the classic black and gray) that comes to this new Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 . And the street already full of these shades. Some more than others, ranging from garments girls and show us what they feel better. Jackets, pants, little details ... There are many ways to show them off and today we show you some ways. And you lights and a color star?


And the winner is ...

Yes, garnet or also known as oxblood red star is the trend. Like, a lot, and feel great with many colors: gray, beige, white, black ...



The protagonist of Song of Style shows us a way of combining chic: striped and black and white couples. Yes, she follows every step style and shows him daily on his blog. What do you think your combination?


And since Lady Addict us these pictures where skinny jeans are the protagonists. Like what you see? As this model is White and I could be in your wardrobe by 22'99 euros .


Electric Blue Or klein blue?

Do you honestly? I do not know differentiate klein blue electric blue, that's why just in case ... I put them in the same bag. And yes, it is a tone that I like but have not I look. But Andy Torres already does, and how! A biker style tweed coat. And the best combination for this tone is black , so I love the outcome.


While you can always use a slightly more subdued version as Jou Jou Villeroy dress. True to form, her outfit becomes a little risky. A dress that only she can look (at least that hat).


Military Reminiscences: khaki

The military green parkas few seasons ago it became fashionable ... and continue on foot barrel. Which I love, because I do not spend to have one and feel great with many styles.


Although the new season is the appearance of the vest: a perfect garment for her time of transition we are experiencing now.



Yes, these tones and saw last season and repeated this year . Gold, silver, bronze ... No matter what shade you choose! And no, it's not only tone evening dress, gives a chic touch to your look casual as he did in Paris Chiara.


But we can also choose to give that twist to our attire wearing a sweater. What do you think?



Are you one of those walks and colors of the season?

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In Jared | Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: oxblood red
In Jared | Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: the street will become a battlefield ... This is the (fashion) war

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