Thursday, October 18, 2012

The good if brief, twice good: Deluxe limited edition of Bershka Denim


Now we announce earlier this week: Bershka going to launch a limited collection of two garments where Nervo sisters were the protagonists of the campaign . And now we have the result and the pants and jacket are already in specific stores. And is it being limited edition makes only very few can show them off. Price? Considerably higher, but nevertheless, there are people who can afford it. And I can tell you firsthand that the garments are of excellent quality (I have had in my hands!).

This new collection is composed of a jacket (199 euros) that mixes denim lifetime, thousands of black leather and studs. And it's not a normal strikeouts: spikes XXL decorate the cuffs and front part of the area. I like the mix and the end result, because in the end it is more discreet than we think.


But surely I must love my pants (99 euros): skin, black jeans and chains. The mixture is, as the jacket, great but the result is even better: more discreet, wearable but equally great and sugarcane. To taste the colors, but to me these jeans bring me crazy, crazy, crazy.


What do you think the end result?

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