Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The limited edition of Massimo Dutti is suitable only for large pockets


In Massimo Dutti have launched a coat of 900 euros.

So I confirmed gemichina , a reader of Jared. At first it was hard to believe: 'you should try a mistake', I said my head. But no, and the reason is none other than his new limited edition The NYC . Yes, an edition unfit for public street with normal pockets. And is that the high prices prevail in it.

I guess (because I do not know for sure) that the extreme quality is the protagonist in it, as well clothing collection could pass as normal. Moreover, we know that it is limited because it tells us the firm. Shirts, sweaters and woolen cloth coats are some of the items that are in it.


White or black??

Between 125 euros and 145 euros round price dresses. In white or black, this pair of models are very simple and sober. Following the philosophy of the company, these classic dress but a woman who cares about fashion. These two models I prefer the black version: the most expensive, but I loved it.


Looking for a top?

The billowing shirts and sweatshirts have a special section. At first glance there is nothing special, but if we delve into each of the models we see how the details are important. Example? right model, at first glance is a short-sleeved black shirt more than average. But is made ​​of silk and back find a large V-shaped neckline. But does that justify that cost almost 70 euros?


Wrap up much

Coats, already, are the most expensive clothes around styling. We want these last seasons, that is why sometimes we invest more in them. But between now and leave us 900 euros there is a stretch. And it is for that amount of money many Spanish families live a month (or less). It is leather but justifies its price and the crisis we are experiencing?



Shoes, handbags and accessories of all kinds. This collection is the most complete and well see it anywhere. Handbags are expensive, but they are made ​​of the highest quality, yet not know if I would spend 200 euros for them.


Love these shoes I have! Heeled or not, with or without studs. I like the dandy roll of oxford and slippers and femininity of their stilettos, do you feel the same?


Scarves, bracelets and necklaces are accessories cheaper limited edition The NYC . Around 40 euros and among them I prefer the scarves that are great for our necks or decorate the handles of our bags.


What do you think of this collection as luxurious?

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