Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H & M is already in COS

dress cos Clad in MMM for H & M, for 80 €, in COS , For 59 €

It is not the same, but it seems. Why buy the Maison Martin Margiela collection for H & M if I can find very similar in COS , Much cheaper and without having to wait in line? I have found up to eight garments from the collection quite similar in COS , We can serve as a consolation prize if we do not buy any on the 15th of November.

This collaboration has not called me much attention from the beginning. For starters because they understand the connections between conceptual art (such as Martin Margiela fashion) and fashion lowcost. Second, unstructured garments seem more artistic experiments (and as such, have all my respect) that promotes fashion and feels good.

Shirt H & M MMM for 70 euros, in COS, by 59 Shirt MMM for H & M, for 70 €, in COS , For 59 €

And third, because of Martin Margiela this label in name only. The mysterious designer who created the signature fashion and spirit left the Maison-lab years ago and since then, a team of designers continues his workshop, and his signature brand belongs to Diesel. The way to understand fashion that had the Belgian designer, you're probably wondering what makes some of his most iconic clothes in the windows of H & M and on Ebay .

oversize coat Coat MMM for H & M, for 249 €, in COS , For 190 €

Garments minimal

But let's get down to business. A garments. Martin Margiela garments have a certain taste for the minimal, the firm is reduced to the basics: linings, seams ... And that kind of clothing is usually kicked in COS . I like to define it as art gallery type clothing. Such robes take to an exhibition of abstract art.

draped dress Clad in MMM for H & M, for 149 €, in COS , For 59 €
black dress Clad in MMM for H & M, for 99 €, in COS , For 69 €

It also complements

Also some of the shoes and accessories that are offered in capsule collection COS as if by magic. It is also true that prices will not drop too. At the end of the day, COS not brand lowcost, offers quality and modern design. But if you can get your hands on one of the pieces on the chaos, take a tour of COS and looking collars rigid, transparent heels and shopping bags. Sorry, Charlie , but the bag-shaped candy is not.

rigid collar Necklace MMM for H & M, for 50 €, in COS , For 29 €
shopper bag Bag MMM for H & M, for 149 €, in COS , For 125 €
nude shoes Shoes MMM for H & M, for 199 €, in COS , For 150 €

Up early the day? November 15, wait in line at the street in the cold and fight by grabbing a garment that is not exactly cheap? To me of course, I do not find in H & M that day.

In Jared | Yes! The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H & M is already on Ebay!
In Jared | supplements Maison Martin Margiela x H & M will be a seen and unseen (love them!)

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