Monday, October 29, 2012

The mini Kardashian enter the fashion world (horror!), LF is the victim


I do not know which is worse: see Kim Kardashian embedded in one of the impossible looks of her boyfriend Kanye West and his younger sisters designed for LF Stores (signature of which was completely in love). Both do not like, but the last affects me because I loved the signature. and I say this in the past because I have fallen after the alliance.

Although some designs are not bad. And although they in USA are as the most. I do not convince, and there are absolute limits that I am not willing to allow. What a way to start the week!


And with this post no offense to those who feel love and admiration for these girls: I can not with them, I do not know why. Obviously I have not done anything, and can be the most fun in the world, but in my desire to not arouse admiration.


And personally I do not think they are an example to follow fashion, but as I always say respect for all those who do so. To taste the colors.


Much tie dye in skinny jeans and simple blouses or sweaters oversize point above: the tone of the signature remains.


How could it be otherwise star colors are present in this collection. Thus we can find in electric blue pants combined with a mini top (only suitable for young bold) in black.


There are pieces that do that I like. Example? The black jersey with tribal forms or those candy studded cowboy boots with some (little) air Isabel Marant.


And as we continue with the military trends were not resisting. Garments in khaki or camouflage-print are some that make this collection as teenager.



If you are one of those flips with printed pants, maybe these catch your eye.


As I said, there are things you save, and these red vinyl pants I like. Yes, give them a way out, what do you think?


Although there are many brands and too simple 'heap' to pay the price for LF Stores. Example? These looks below.



What do you think of the end result?

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