Thursday, October 4, 2012

The presale of Anna Dello Russo for H & M among celebrities and glare on the Gran Via


At ten in the evening had an appointment at the H & M store in the Gran Via for preorder Collection Anna Dello Russo for H & M. At 21:45 there were already people queuing, by invitation, but in line. The windows looked creations and fashion editor. Turquoise and gold tones called the attention of passersby. The comments were many and varied, since supplements were tacky to pass. In short, it is a collection to be loved and hated in equal parts, like his creator.

H & M

When given the go-journalists, bloggers and guests entered the store in a hurry. The collection was not in the middle of the store so it was a bit difficult to discern its location. It took about 4 minutes until I could see the collection but the madness had been unleashed and is not as experienced as many of those present so doing remove photos that illustrate the story. The collection occupied a small corner of the huge H & M store in Gran Vía


The products were exposed in their cases, making it difficult to see first hand the products. To play them you had to open the boxes, resulting in chaos and disorder. The pieces were of excellent quality, but I just do not have the usual supplements H & M.


Necklaces and bracelets I got the impression a lot and despite being bulky. Although there were some pieces, such as bracelets with animal that gave a lot of play.


The suitcases and travel kit turquoise and gold were the hit of the evening, though small in size were very showy. The clutchs also flew quickly and that they were poorly digestible.


The pieces of jewelry, but views were extra large and detailed animal or initial Anna Dello Russo, for example. The shoes barely get to see, rather than boots and golden dancers were not anything special. The sunglasses served more to take the photo of the day which to buy.


As always, the collection was scarce, but I suppose it will be renewed stocks. Many people took whole bags of products other piece as much. Now need to see and check if enjoy and sold in stores, I feel that the collection has not guaranteed success.

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