Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The suggestion of Chanel No. 5 in the duped of Brad Pitt

Chanel No 5

The romance between Chanel and Brad Pitt in Chanel No. 5 continues to grow. We knew that such a campaign would not be temporary but deliveries would be distributed in order to create more and more image. Now comes the second part of the video and I still love it.

The Eternal Feminine

For starters, a man: Brad Pitt, after an unforgettable voice that speaks of No. 5, the most feminine of perfumes.
And now, a second film that reveals the dream world of this legendary fragrance. The story continues ...

Chanel needs no more to make this new installment in the press release. As in the video look for simplicity and synthesis. Still playing with the lifestyle rather than the perfume that seems to appear only at the end of a clear and evident.

Joe Wright made ​​an impeccable job on this announcement with the suggestion, detail is everything in advertising. The mythical pot of Chanel No. 5 appears from the second one in the ad but can not perceive. He uses it as a filter through which all images are appearing.

Perfume is the filter on showing us the ad world. The initial lateral traveling on a plane clear to the entire city at our feet. The detail level of the fragrance ondeándose while suddenly a woman walking on the edge of a pool of color curious nature more majestic in the background, lust or the feast of a face with a flash, the lift to the top with a woman untainted and finally, the last shot with the world literally at our feet under the filter of perfume.

Visually it is a wonder. If then we add the voice and message that recites studied smoothly and that Brad Pitt dupes then we are facing a campaign of ten.

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