Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Way We Were: the most copied dress, the actor least expected


Today in this new chapter of The Way We Were an overview of film history, which left its mark in fashion like few and many decades later continues to speak, being imitated and praised. Audrey Hepburn could not be more delicious at breakfast Diamond and her Givenchy dress could not be more perfect. Is thing of the past? No, more like a great idea for the upcoming holiday season.


Perhaps you know that a mermaid cut dress with bare shoulder in black is perfect, that accompany the necklaces of the season is an idea simply exquisite and if the party is very glamorous or sophisticated it is best to go with a pickup, as an Italian, but do not overdo it, a more casual hair is more suitable.

What you may not know is that sometimes the perfect companion is not what you expect, much less. The Audrey Hepburn in the film was José Luis de Villalonga, yes, the rich wealthy Brazilian who planted the leaves. I will recommend without hesitation his biography, a brilliant and hilarious story that speaks from why and how in the movie was Marilyn Monroe to how or how little you ate Ferrer (Audrey and husband), why he left home where he was a guest. A character to discover.

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