Saturday, October 6, 2012

The wedding of my best friend: dresses for bridesmaids


The bridesmaids at weddings is another trend that has been exported from the United States, there is usual for the bride to accompany her friends to the altar dressed all equal or nearly equal. In Spain, for now, is a trend that looks shyly, but many brands of wedding dresses to their catalogs added bridesmaid dresses. Whether you are looking houses and dresses for your ladies or if you have to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in Tredencias we give you the keys to hit.

damasdehonor Photo Samm Blake

To agree to 2 or 3 women to choose the same dress for your wedding is complicated, we all have our tastes and styles. It is best to take the matter very philosophy and patience whether you're bride as maid of honor. To succeed with the dress is committed to a style that you like or that meets all the rules of the protocol.

bhldnazul BHLDN

One idea is that the dresses of the bridesmaids color combine with the bride's bouquet or the color and beauty of the wedding decor. You have to take into account the style of the wedding and the time that takes place, not the same wedding day than at night ...

Green bldn BHLDN
LILA Coast Coast

Opting for dresses with color rule in principle, the white and raw. For evening gowns and sheer fabrics for day or retro chic dresses.

Rosa Clara Rosa Clara
rosaclara2 Rosa Clara

Another option is to choose different dresses but the same color and fabric. Many brands offer this possibility and it is easier to find what you want and satisfy both parties.

forherandforhim For her and for him

Finally remember that the most important thing is not fun but you wearing with your friends be the side you are ...

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