Monday, October 8, 2012

They look for new ways to know your classics


How many times in our closet that we are not the weapons to face the new season? We jumped like crazy to buy without judgment and just in clothes that do not serve us or they will become the classics of our closet. Forget shopping and learn new ways to wear what you already have, your classics.

Plísame silly

If a garment has been advised that this summer has been a pleated skirt. Now all we have, what we do with it? A proposal that perfect look for Christmas: Join her as Alice with a sequined neckline top bath and add a touch of maharajah woman with a chain on the front.

Sport gray


Who does not have in her closet a gray sweatshirt? Framboise teaches us what to do with her novel and does it with a lemon yellow brocade skirt and black rooms.

Mess of skirts


If not lacking in our closet a gray sweatshirt, not a black skirt, either mini, midi pencil oo. Let's try the Kid Cruel board that looks a maxijersey with message. And I would add, if you dye jersey American university better.

Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda is a garment that we have bought all but over time we have left asleep in the closet. Son of tweezers, high waist and classic. Kid Cruel luciéndolas warns that a cropped top and gold chains we can rejuvenate. The rapper cap to spare me.

Photos | Kayture , Alice Point , Kid Cruel , Framboise

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