Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Fall 'all in' on red. Your sure bet to come out ahead


For men and women who never play Casino, did you ever happen to go to the roulette and bet everything (in my case about 10 euros) to red? No one knows why: it is an intuition, your gut tells you. Well this fall do the same but applied to fashion, it is a safe bet. And is that red is carried both in clothing and in accessories and have a look but these looks so very great that leaves the street style. Where to begin?

The main star of your outfit

Betting on a garment in this vein is to give all the attention to it. So the best thing is that the rest of our outfit is smooth and neutral colors like black. Nowadays the clothes that go out are the jackets: perfect, coats or blazers accompany the more trendy.


Although for fans of sweaters (I include myself in the group) we can always fix the star of Song of Style.


If you are one of those that can not survive without a dress in your closet, this season commitment tone: maxi or cocktail version, these girls are fabulous. And yes, the model Jessica Stein is spectacular. Yes, the total look is signed Oscar de la Renta.


And at this point we have to talk about the pants. Are most striking (What do you expect?) But if you know how to combine just hitting and being most of the time. Example? The girl with waist pants invisible acampandos combines a peplum top. I love it! And yes, I have to Leandra Medine because these J Brand x Christopher Kane seemed insurmountable, but it adds a chic with that shirt (we have so often seen) from American Apparel.


The magical touch to your style

Like what you see but nothing convinces you? Do you want that touch that makes your look is as? Okay, at this point I have to confess that I love the girls who opt for a shoe in this tone as colorful. They do this by combining their shoes with dark styling and highlights any more. What makes me really angry is the result: great. And I have no model in this vein ...


The same happens with bags. Always looking for more neutral colors and hues I risk never like this: and now I realize how wrong I have become.


I shake my clothes and accessories

There will be girls who do not have anything in this shade in any of the fields and do not want to spend money on a trend that does not know when to take it again. This can be fashionable with your makeup. Yes, I loved the choice of protagonist Lusttforlife: total look black, and red lips and nails. What do you think?


And you're going to do an 'all in' to red?

Photos | Bartabac , Sincerely, Jules , Style Scrapbook , Song of Style , Lusttforlife , Tuula , Stella wants to die , Vanessa Jackman , Iria & Me , Lovely Pepa , Dulceida
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