Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is the lookbook from Massimo Dutti, or a manual for commuting simple, chic and stylish


Recovered from the shock that led to the limited collection under the name Massimo Dutti NYC (Where a coat costing a whopping 900 euros), the firm returns to us a new lookbook easier as regards appreciations if not more. Some useful ideas and great to work without eating much head but without looking like a great lady who does not care about fashion. It is a perfect blend of classic and current style and sophistication. In other words: I like it.


Team camel

Two main colors prevail in these images: the camel and black. If you prefer to leave the black for the night, you can opt for this color is sometimes sweet, sometimes beige, but it is always expressed in the best way possible. How? As a layer / coat.


Looking for a blazer to go with you all the days of autumn without the urge to turn to fat and too warm coat? Here you have this version in this pitch-perfect to combine with jeans.


And if all you need are a pair of suit to break up the monotony of dark tones, this model will do you great. How to combine? Do like the picture and choose jackets gray or darker colors.


The black, the color of life

Sometimes couples can not be broken. And the relationship that I have with the color black is so strong that I think a tone intruder can break what we have between the two. If you have the same feeling, these outfits are for you: ideal for day or night, this color will get you out of many troubles.


Going to the office with leggings and in turn can be arranged? Yes, if you know how. And a clear example is this: in combination with blouse and sweater, wool and hair.


But if you prefer one of those classic touch can always turn to the famous technique: blazer, pants and shirt.


Miniskirt tube and wool jersey maxi. It's a long shot but I was in love, and I promise, I will try to use the.


If you are one of those dresses from the feet and love the slippers give them the prominence they deserve (if they are stamped). What a total black look sober, simple and elegant.


In search of the perfect coat

All should have a black coat in our closet. No matter what year it is, the important thing is to be there. And, although it may seem boring, always going to need in specific occasions. And I still have not found it: stick me buy one and when I fetch him something always fails. Whether buttons, shape or quality, I somehow prevents me to go home with this garment.


But these models (as seen in pictures) are great to combine both dresses as with more casual looks like jeans and boots.


Taking notes? Your workday?

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