Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: the barraco comes into our lives

Baroque Cover

The Rae barraco defines as something overly ornate decorations. A priori we may seem a little bearable trend but the reality is that we present in many collections and shops that have signed up to the baroque fashion. It's not easy, but not impossible either. Do you sign the baroque trend?

Dolce & Gabanna, black and gold


The kings of barraco are Dolce & Gabanna. Opulent black and gold mixed with rich fabrics such as velvet or brocade to get a woman filled with an air force and old.

Balmain, futuristic baroque

Baroque Collage 2

Balmain takes the baroque to the ground with current designs but full of trimmings, embellishments and embroidered flowers. Mini dresses and sweatshirts are also defined low Baroque.

Lanvin, luxury baroque

Baroque collage3

Lanvin presents a powerful woman nuanced baroque. Satin dresses with rhinestones and jewels complemented by maxi fur stoles. The Baroque is not just the clothes, it is the amount of accessories that blend into the designs.

Aquilano, simple baroque

Baroque collage4

Aquilano shows a simple baroque fabrics and geometric prints or bright with medieval touches. Collars and shoes with the same fabrics complete the look.

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