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Trends fall-winter 2012/2013: the tailor is reinvented

armani suit

The business suit is one of the most classic clothes female wardrobe. This autumn-winter 2012/2013 resurfaces again and reinventing itself to be attractive, sexy, desirable, modern. We've seen a thousand versions on runways around the world, from Paris to Milan, via New York, many designers choose sobriety costume to create something new, different, attractive.

The pioneer, Armani

Giorgio Armani was among the first who believed in the importance of men's suits for women. In the 80s it became readapted and uniform power of young yuppies. Since then, every season he paraded ditintas thousand ways, playing with lengths, lapels, buttons, pockets. His favorites are in gray and this year, with low necklines that Take relujir the sexy side of the costumes.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2012

At Emporio Armani pants shorten and make shorts. I admit I do not like at all.

Emporio Armani

In color and prints

Miucca Prada makes the main star of the two collections. In shimmering tones, parade at Miu Miu in typical autumn colors. The tie of the 70 stands as the complement star.

miu miu outfits

Meanwhile, Prada retro prints are filled and are shortened to leave visible ankles.

prada suit

The English classics never die

Paul Smith has spent years reinventing British suits, modernizing them. To take note: wear them mismatched, and turtleneck underneath to adopt an air of intellectual back around.

paul smith suit

Ralph Lauren is one of the designers who love the costumes. This fall brings ultraclásica version of English dandies (no missing or buttoned vest, neither the bowler nor the handkerchief in the pocket), with the Prince of Wales pattern, the pinstripes and plaids as decorative motifs.

ralph lauren suit

Salvatore Ferragamo military trend up to the catwalk fashion golden double breasted jackets, Mao collar and boots. Costumes following the latest fashions.

ferragamo dress

Sexy costumes

Dolce & Gabbana are able to design and corset dress more feminine, while the more masculine attire. This year, their costumes are a skirt and highlight the hips.

dolce suit

Highly recommended even version Yves Saint Laurent suit. In leather, belted at the waist, for a very feminine man although view. This version has charmed many famous stylists and have copied for their red carpet appearances, incuyendo and stressing that hairstyle wet lips.

Yves Saint Laurent suit

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