Monday, October 15, 2012

Trick or treat? Top Accessories for Halloween

hal_01 Cheyenne meets Chanel has already prepared a pumpkin

Halloween is here and you know what? This year will not catch me without warning! I never forget the party, that's true, basically because the Kid was born that day. And though I hate the celebrations, this is a good excuse to go out in search of fright or treatment. But if you're not very fond of sweets or costumes, get out there with more terrifyingly fun accessories, do you dare?

Necklaces, rings or earrings. You decide what you want to look and firms are responsible to introduce its most terrifying and original models. The skulls, skeletons and pumpkins can not miss in your outfit. With which of these you prefer?


  • Slave metal with a large central chandelier Claire's
  • Earrings with a central skeleton Asos, 14'12 euros
  • Bracelet Asos dozens of skulls, 11'29 euros
  • Skeleton Hands Necklace from Claire's, 5'95 euros
  • Bracelet with orange pumpkins Cruciani, 10 euros
  • Black rhinestone necklace and skulls of Claire's, 14'95 euros
  • Ring-shaped skull Asos Black, 11'29 euros

But if you prefer to decorate your home, your meal or just surprise them with something else can look at it we suggest: let your guests speechless. Feel like celebrating Halloween in style?


  • Pack to make cupcakes for Topshop skulls, 12'99 lbs
  • Corpse Bride headdress Claire's, 6'95 euros
  • Decorating your home for Topshop, 9 pounds

Trick or treatment??

Photo | Instagram @ peaceloveshea
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