Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We'll always have Paris ... And its streets

par_01 Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine and Natalie Joos

Paris is the fate of these weeks útlimo so frantic for the fashion world. The Fashion Weeks are dismissed here with the greats: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès are some showing their Spring-Summer 2013. As such its streets are filled with fashion victims, voguettes, bloggers stylish and beautiful people. Experience the glamor and savoir faire! And how could it be otherwise, Instagram pulls smoke ...

Is the favorite place for a quick snap and hang? In front of the Eiffel Tower, of course. One of the tourist spots of the city, most representative and best complement to an outfit of 10.

par_02 Andy Torres
par_03 Jessica Stein

Walk right now in the streets of the French capital is crossing right and left with girls who understand fashion (more than ever) and style exude from every pore of his skin. Together or separately their looks are simple but fantastic.

par_04 Nicole Warne
par_05 Nicole Warne and Jessica Stein

It shows that the cold is making the rounds, that's why the most trifling and dare to wear socks with their minidresses. But it would cease to be less perfect, nothing like that. The style has permeated the skin!

par_06 Shea Marie

Miss Ferragni, it is clear!

A Chiara Ferragni We met up in the soup, that's why every day we hear more and more his name. No upgrade for your Instagram, your blog and everything in their power, which their fans are grateful. And since his arrival in Paris, has not stopped countless outfits show.


No style can resist, but almost always shows her ladylike side. Do your signatures fetish? MSGM , Whenever he can look something of this firm.


Pants, dresses, skirts, shorts ... All clothes are welcome in your closet, and so we see these days.


And today it has hung his outfit to attend the Chanel show: a beige striped minidress and black to set her Chanel bag and Christian Louboutin.


What look do you stay?

Photos | The Blonde Salad , Cheyenne meets Chanel , Instagram of: Chiara Ferragni, Andy Torres, Tuula, Gary Pepper
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