Friday, October 26, 2012

We have chosen to star in the catalog of Nice Things!


Date: Sunday October 21. Location: Hotel Omm in Barcelona. Yes, Jared was present at the election of the chosen to star in the Spring-Summer 2013 catalog of Nice Things and I must say that the thing was complicated. The level was very high and very broad options. Girls and women who squandered sympathy in abundance, beauty from every pore of his being and good taste. Signing key premises.

Photos, laughs, looks 100% Nice Things and a good vibe breathed hour after hour, candidate after candidate. Some of you girls desplazasteis from Madrid and Valencia, which I thought was a great detail on your part. Those who could not attend and you sent video pauses and pause were going looking.

nic_02 The jury valued the qualities of each

Do you struck me? The highest level of each of the candidates: many with endless legs (although none of them were model) other than with an enviable mane and other fun and most extroverted. But all of a real and natural beauty. Who do you stay? The choice was not easy and did not know who to choose, but you could only pick one (or two) of each age group.

nic_03 One of the finalists

The groups were: babies, teenagers, Group of 20, Group of 30, over 40. A point we had in mind? The relationship between mother and daughter, as some came together and the connection that existed between them was extraordinary.

And the winner is ...

I am pleased to announce that among the winners have two participants from Jared, yes! As I said the level was very high but among them some highlighted above the other. Among them we were astonished blue eyes Garminde Maria ... A potential bellezón.


And from Alicante is another beauty that hit the first moment: Martina Hess. Not being in Barcelona in person, sent a video where he explained why he wanted to be part of this experience with Nice Things.


What do you think? We can only hope the end result and to thank all participants.

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