Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome delicious winter! At home you were waiting since launched her collection Oysho


I am in the winter goes very, very cold. So I have gained strength and with great sacrifice nicknamed Bridget Jones: you should see my pints. No, not if you imagine not intentéis what you will understand how I go. Sometimes I get into bed and I have so many layers that I look like a sumo wrestler, and of course, it is in moments like these that I miss the class and composure. But seeing the new collection of Oysho I think I can be stylish and keep warm in the attempt.

And is that fat wool sweaters that could well be to go out before us with comfortable clothing such as tracksuit pants. The perfect blend comodida, savoir faire and style.


I definitely love these pajamas where a style leaves no lost along the way. I imagine going to slumber party (yes occasionally drops some even already grown-up) with my friends without them having to descojonar on my face.



If extreme cold happens it is best to opt for a garment that does not have much style, but the firm has managed to give an air of comfortable and enjoyable. I mean the fleece bathrobe. Even if you refuse it you can always turn to the simplicity of a cardigan: not going to entertain much, but they sure are divine with this oversize model.



And if you want to go for a completely different garment do with this kind of sweatshirt brocaded with gold, what do you think?



To be at home is to choose the best sets of raw cotton where comfort above all. That does not mean that flee from the beauty: the simplicity of these sets is the key to everything. Why do we need more?


In light gray or dark gray, these sets will be your best ally for those Sunday afternoons only thing you want is to be stretched on the couch with the remote in hand and a good movie in the background.


What about my feet?

Your feet do not have to suffer now because it also has thought about them. For me, the house slippers are a key piece to avoid cold.


Type booty dancer or type, each model is covered with hair and just want to bury your feet in each of the models and not ever get them.


What do you think of this new collection?

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