Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Is Ines Sastre? It reappears in the shade it girl


I like girls rediscover it in the shade. With this term I refer to women who do not monopolize the fashion blogs with their looks, fashion magazines that do not include them in their fight to win readers covers and in the dry season, are not ad nauseum everywhere with their sweaters or dresses Zara Balmain. Audrey Tatou The last was , now I like Ines Sastre remember who comes and goes, as it should do.

Every diva who wants to stay forever on stage knows that a withdrawal time and an appearance when you want is the best way not to bore the audience. Katherine Hepburn had it clear, one day said it's over, let your world to be among the spotlight and made her want to squat in Connecticut shelter until he died after a long illness. We remember her young, beautiful and untamed as his characters.

Ines Sastre also had its golden age, the Lancome, Chanel and parades for his films. He is young and still in full bloom but not weary, appearing in all soirees, as are those that seem to have nothing else to do. They said it was the most beautiful Spanish model of its time and still is.


What look has reappeared in the Bal Jaune 2012 sponsored by Ricard Foundation? With a petite robe noir. Simple, effective, no ormamentaciones. Just her.

In Jared | Fashion Film: Cinema icon to fashion, Ava Gardner
In Jared | Fashion Film: Cinema icon to fashion, Katharine Hepburn

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