Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is Sarah Jessica Parker you? His latest looks by day and night


We miss her, you can not say anything else. More than her to his character in the series, their outfits, their life and grace. Sarah Jessica Parker is not so saucy in real life but we love to keep in touch with their looks to see if we remember his glory days. She happens as Sara Carbonero looks in his last day, that does not take anything special but it works, at least for them.


He has said over and over again: When not filming or on a red carpet like the simplicity of women in Manhattan that is not complicated. Your garment fetish are cowboys.


Not in vain look for another guise when you walk with your three little ones is hard enough. But looks like this is inspiring, pirate pants are very difficult to not be like her, you're that thin spaghetti. Remember when they were full all the trend and we looked? I love mixing it with booties and knit sweater.


At night is when the brighter and he did at the gala opening of the new season of Carnegie Hall. In some places the dress has been criticized hyper but to me her Oscar de la Renta I like. What may have changed is yes her hair, something more sophisticated and glamorous.

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