Thursday, October 18, 2012

What is your ideal winter coat?, The question of the week

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Winter comes and the cold. Touch bundle up and get our coats cabinet or buy a new one. Coats are the most important piece of winter and you have to keep in mind is the first thing you see on our looks. It should combine several coats to suit the occasion and sometimes finding the perfect coat is an ordeal.'s Why I like reading your answers to see if together we can find the perfect coat for winter:

What is your ideal winter coat?

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Question of the week

Thecatontheroof launched a very interesting question about whether we like the bloggers who make their own clothes and if you know some.

Bloggers? Made by me or not?
One answer that I liked is Lorena Network :
If. I am a blogger and I'm starting in the world of sewing, I made a pair of pants and a corset. And I hope to show what I've learned.

In Jared Reply | Have you bought something from Anna Dello Russo for H & M? How combinarías what?, The question of the week

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