Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who wants to wear face Hanneli Mustaparta in Zara shirt?

Hanneli Mustaparta zara

Madness. Locurón. Despiporre . Each call him whatever. But I've stoked to see turned into a Hanneli Mustaparta Zara shirt (yes, I anticipated what my partner Charlie in June but has now hit the stores). I assume that this time Inditex has asked permission , of course. Some bloggers have reached a status (unwarranted) goddesses and worship is unclear, but the acabéis wearing outfits in your street is not something that enters my head. Shortie Call me, I am, but this is a tacky.

I understand look at Madonna, Jackson, shift GAGAS and other pop stars whose image becomes a pop icon. I understand. We live in an image, you have to worship someone and fashion needs to be renewed in a frenzy.

Hanneli Mustaparta zara shirt

I also understand any shift group name on the shirt. You have to transmit your personal self, your image, your tastes, on the other. Show that you mola Julio Cortázar although nothing Allas read Coelho. That's up to each one and how you want to sell.

But Hanneli Mustaparta ? What brings you the blogger on a shirt? Above him is a look dowdy camsieta some on a somewhat vague and minimal studs for a touch "mono". For 15.95 euros . That if an original design, something that is not as bland convert a photograph in shirt ... well, could understand.

I pass the word. I'm all ears because I miss something here.

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