Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your low cost suitcase essential for this bridge

We're a bridge! Who is not happy when the weekend begins earlier and ends earlier obligations? Travel, beach, city, social life ... each one mounts it as you will, but one thing that occurs whatever the plan what should I wear? What's in my bag if I have a flight low cost / small car / boyfriend with whom I share suitcase / a tiny house? Quiet! Let's be practical but always fashionable, very fashion ... We have seen the looks for cheap and expensive mix of bloggers , now go with the clothes.

Day dress


You to take it in a relaxed way, to walk and contemplate're slowly but surely and comfort is the best option. Why not a paisley dress like this in Mango? With dancers of course.


Another option is to combine this skirt with a white shirt: has it all, the trend of the boards of

ocher and mustard

and long retro collections that evoke the past. Primark.

Evening Gown


Toca let your hair down and unwind from obligations (visits, tours and turisteo) to venture into the nightlife of the city you visit or where you are. Want to look appropriate to the occasion of a holiday in Rome, not too sexy or showing a lot of skin, but showing that you do not win one fashionista on the go. How about a mix of retro lace dress as we proposed Asos?

Posted by day


Trot trot you nonstop. Your destination is a big city or a monument. You'll be here and there, visiting, traveling and photographing everything you catch monument. What better than a big boy bag to put everything in it: from your toothbrush or your vanity to some dancers when you tire of heels. Zara who else?

Posted by night


At night you will not need your world on his back but has to leave the least prepared for any contingency. Best, a bag that is comfortable to wear. Its size is neither maxi or mini leopard and if you combine it with studs as Zara fashion'll be wherever you are.

Shoe day


Do not hesitate, grab moccasins, substitute this season of interminable dancers. You have many options, from Asos eéstas are perfect to wear with jeans and jogging all day.

Evening shoe


At night shines like a star. Make it at toe and heel with a thin but not too high to bear the trot all day. These are from Mango.

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