Friday, November 30, 2012

Beauty Tips of the week: Are you ready for Christmas?


We have here to Christmas. They approach the moments of gifts, family, dinner parties, so we need to develop our cosmetic bag and prepare to show our best looks.

This week comes cargadita of new features, new looks and proposals which should have a look, you ready?

Model, muse, it girl and DJ: she is Leigh Lezark

Leigh Lezark

Model, muse, style icon and DJ Leigh Lezark's it girl is a versatile girl and an example to follow. She is one of the muses of Kark Lagerfeld, but he also knows what is the low cost. Indeed we saw a few days ago in Madrid as Stradivarius image.

Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: the peplum continues his unstoppable career

bottega_veneta Bottega Veneta

The remains peplum trend for autumn-winter 2012/2013 . The peplums are still present in almost every fashion collections for winter. I recognize it is a trend that tires me but fashion designers know how to adapt to keep surprising.

Did you lose the hats and headdresses? Expected to know this new brand: Touched Tousette


I'm an inveterate lover of hats, headdresses and everything that refers to decorate my little (not so empty) head. And this year I have it clear: I will make the most to get the entire collection of hats that I have borsalinos and prior years and that are more fashionable than ever . And just to go outside people look at me weird or not like a complete nutcase. So when Sayan (one of my favorite stores in Barcelona) me to do a workshop of headdresses and hats could not refuse.

Are the days not wanting to complicate? "Turn on" the street with a cigarette


There are days that we are not to puzzle over the look that epatará, there are days "reds" who do not feel like cute skirts, blouses or abriguitos vintage trifles. For many years when a woman had a day I did not want complications holstering a Levi's ... Now the celebrities lit the street with their cigarettes. Carlota Casiraghi, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr show us how they do them in his last public appearances.

Four items that can catch wardrobe borrowed from your boyfriend or brother


The masculine style and oversize clothes are more fashionable than ever, few have escaped parades include in their proposals a garment of aires male and why buy something if you can "steal" the closet of your boyfriend or brother?

Advance PdH Spring-Summer 2013: love the color!

Advance PdH Spring-Summer 2013

For me it is one of the most anticipated collections, and I was not disappointed. PdH shows his Spring-Summer 2012 collection inspired by Las Vegas. Garments sensual, daring and modern, in the true classic signature.

Paula Echevarria brings Christmas proposals White's hand (who else?)


The other day talking with some friends told me they had already clear what is going to get for Christmas. And I as always I was white as a sheet, how you may already know what you will get if you still weeks away? It's the difference between us since they are the most forward-looking and I do not. I always do everything at the last minute and although every year I tell myself that this year will be different, just from the usual.

Coco Rocha puts us Christmas and dresses of red

Coco Rocha Silver Hill

Inevitably, we associate red as the color for Christmas thing is it Santa Claus and the Coca-Cola? Probably, but also because red is a festive color, large and imposing, which makes gowns reluzcan as ever. And the model Coco Rocha shows us once again. This week looked spectacular wearing red (a red inclining to burnt orange) at the gala New Yorker The Silver Hill.

Sheila Marquez gets romantic in the new lookbook from Free People


The November lookbooks are releasing a festive but not jump right into the holidays. That also applies to the November catalog Free People, starring Sheila Marquez and trying instill the Christmas spirit with romantic looks perfect for these days before Christmas.

In Asos have all season socks to keep warm


Stockings are one of the most overlooked supplements the winter trends is a shame, because it's one of my favorite add-ons. Trends in fashion stockings follows roughly the same as in other seasons, but always surprise us with a new design and online store Asos can find a thousand different models

Cloned and plundered: here smells holidays


How could it be otherwise, this cloned and plundered opens today with a Zara inspiration, weird right? therefore, no. And the strange thing is that we said that the most famous Spanish brand in the world is not inspired by any designer. Maybe that charm that has diminished a bit. Anyway, today I propose a Christmas look thanks to a blazer that the brand has to look like one of Balmain.

Hedvig Opshaug demonstrates that style is not incompatible with being pregnant


When a style blogger becomes pregnant is a litmus test to see if he really has style or merely a cute girl to whom everything looks good wear. I confess that until a few days I realized that Hedvig Opshaug are pregnant, and that has to do with trends in favor of pregnant women. Oversize garments Long live!

H & M video parades with his bohemian fashion for spring 2013

As every season, H & M strives to present his new collection for Spring-Summer 2013 in every way possible. After the visit to the showroom where we saw first hand and with all images lookbook we need the video to see these trends moving.

Street Fashion in Winter 2013

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013 New street style trends with fashion street Winter 2013! Takes note of the looks and fashionable clothes on the catwalk triumph of the street, is that with this cold touches review the new fashion for warmth!

Find the inspiration you need with this selection of street style looks and several fashion bloggers who know very well what new fashion!

Look at the military style coats and masculine, wearing baroque jackets with studs, the slippers, shirts box, ...

Do not miss the fashion worn on the streets this fall winter 2012 2013!

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013


Street Fashion in Winter 2013

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013


Street Fashion in Winter 2013

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013


Street Fashion in Winter 2013

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013


Street Fashion in Winter 2013

Moda en la calle otoño invierno 2012 2013


Street Fashion in Winter 2013

More ideas in street style .

Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Here are the new necklaces Party Zara autumn winter 2012 2013 and that is if something is to be clear, is that Zara has new fashion necklaces!

And the best part is that now that Christmas is approaching, Zara has released new models of necklaces, and I must say, that are becoming better price, and not to vary these new necklaces Zara have trends and fashion designs! For example, this necklace ethnic stone twisted teardrop worth 17.95 euros.

I think these necklaces besides being the fashion accessory is the perfect gift for this holiday and breaded and it works very well :).

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Gold bib necklace with pearls and studs 19.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Vintage style necklace with rhinestone 17.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Party necklace with stones 19.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Applique Necklace 19.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Necklace with stones, beads and chains 17.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Vintage style necklace leaves 17.95

Collares de Zara de fiesta 2012 2013 Necklaces party Zara 2012 2013

Eagle Necklace 22.95

Fashionistas also love the costumes

print dress

I remember when I had to work in a suit (do not ask, worked in a consulting serious from sunrise to sunset). And practically, my costume did not leave the gray, black, navy. The protocol required formality. Now I wish I had worn costumes like these fashionistas carrying. Pink color, with bold details, accessories spectacular with patterned fabrics. Had let my teammates and customers with open mouth, sure, but it would have been more fun.

Olivia? Palermo or Alexa Chung? And you have to choose ...

In this life always choose almost. Raise this as a duel and was bold style when faced involves two of the most stylish women on the planet, but at some point I disagree with that. Valentino has gathered the cream of fashioneo at the Italian Embassy in London and my eyes are two of the assistants.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The ideal shoe for the holidays as the tendency to choose


Countdown, which is that in less than a month we will be deeply involved in the Christmas festivities. Celebrations around here, there and commitments always taking care of our appearance that has to be spotless. But of course, not only serves to search for 'THE' dress perfect for the holidays, the outfit should be complete and for that we propose today countless shoes to go up and down following the trends of the moment: studs, brocades and fringes. For which you're going to decant?

Coco Rocha for Christmas, Coco Rocha forever

Coco Rocha

I and I have favorite magazine cover face this Christmas. A lack of one, three, who are starring Coco Rocha for Vogue Mexico's December issue dismissing the year as the great model. And that is not much but it is enough for them special.

Elsa Pataky's return to our red carpet and a great coming and going of celebrities

Chupa ghd

About to end the month of November, we bring you the highlights of the week again best of Poprosa. Definitely a busy week the sea so much red carpet soiree. One of the last of starring Elsa Pataky for Ghd and a solidarity with a number of familiar faces , but it was all we had so forth.

Stella McCartney and Cara Delevigne triumph at the British Fashion Awards 2012

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney and Cara Delevingne were the two winners of the British Fashion Awards 2012 , both took the most anticipated major awards such as the best fashion designer of the year and the best model, to my surprise he believed would go to Jourdan Dunn , who deserved it a thousand times the hermanísima of Poppy Delevingne but you know how these awards, over to the gallery to work.

Keys for shopping style: the sweatshirts are the key looks casual

paris tee handle

Recover a garment that we thought we were going to stop using when you run out of gym class in high school, but no, the sweatshirts are here again and the street have taken an unusual force, especially this gray sweatshirt Mango Paris boutique with the legend that has swept! All bloggers have it, and the site is available, but only in size M or L. But ideas do not end there, there is a world waiting sweatshirt:

"I love you, Kate", the unique tribute Capmbell Naomi nude Kate Moss in Interview

Kate Moss Interview

The new year of 2012 belongs to Kate Moss. We are what we wanted to dedicate with love because it is one of the best models ever , a tribute that comes straight from his book ' Kate: The Kate Moss Book ', this Christmas book for fashion lovers. A memory that have joined almost every industry publications such as Interview, magazine devotes a special tribute to Naomi Campbell nude at home, curious, come on.

Ten gifts with a fashion touch for Christmas

gatoasos Asos

Christmas gifts can become a headache but we want to give Jared some guidelines for those who want to surprise with a very fashion gift.'s Task is not easy but most times the detail matters more than the gift.

HBO and promoting his documentary about Vogue USA

A few months ago the chain HBO announced that he was filming a documentary about the bowels of the American edition of Vogue titled "In Vogue: The Editor's Eye" but it was not until now that we could see a small preview of what we will see on 6 December.

Party dresses to wear this Christmas: insurance triumph!

PdH Dress Pedro del Hierro

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure you already have signed any outfit. In this post I propose several prom dresses of different styles, so you can choose the one I like best and look at your party.

J.Brand supports great bloggers ... Or is it mere coincidence?


Here fishy. And in less than a week of fashion blogs with more followers than half a planet look the same pants the same signature: J.Brand brocades. It seems that the company has done a mass mailing to celebrity-bloggers, but why not get it. A model risky and too expensive for what it is. But that is the signature, and many girls are eager to have a pair in your closet. Do you work the strategy?

Princess Letizia puts us sexy


Rare is seeing positive reviews to the Princess Letizia when it comes to your clothes (and your life). This week Maria Teresa Campos has very well defined in a phrase reume what should be getting up every day and read the reviews to your skirt too short, too long, too cheap or too expensive. No reviews have been expected in this case either, alluding to look too sexy is not acceptable in a strawberry princess lips.

Louis Vuitton teams up with Miroslava Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling in new campaign


Showing once again that day after day to acquire street style blogs and people who appear in them, Louis Vuitton has presented the advertising campaign for next spring-summer 2013 of minibolsos signature. A campaign photographed in Paris and starring Elin Kling, Hanneli Mustaparta and Miroslava Duma.

Christmas comes and the 12 days of dresses from Urban Outfitters


They approach the Christmas season and all firms will present their proposals for the upcoming holidays. Urban Outfitters is one of them and the British firm brings his usual casual grunge airs at year-end garments.

Baboom! Looks scandal to let everyone KO


Oh la, la, la. I remember well an expression fell from the lips of a lover in a movie when I was little. My memory fails, but that feeling of leaving someone speechless to go dressed in the perfect way it stuck in my mind. So try to find this kind of looks each day. And you know what? Everything is possible: with daytime outfits, party, night or weekend. No matter the clothing worn, if all are mixed correctly get the same reaction.

Leighton Meester hair is cut in its new look and celebrates holiday with Kate Bosworth

Leighton Meester

Radical change, had to cut their losses and Leighton Meester goes from a wide mane which has been associated in recent times with a bob cut that I quite like. To celebrate its new look went out partying with other celebrities like Kate Bosworth at the launch of the designer's collection for Target Neiman Marcus in New York.

While Comprobáis? Bank statement when you return an item?, Is the question of the week


The other day my colleague Andrea got the news that an American was set to the low-cost firm Forever 21 remained a penny on the dollar every time I returned the garment . If we add the six years that the barrel is walk all over people who have returned clothing during this time period, the number rises to a figure unmatched. That's why today I ask:

While Comprobáis? Bank statement when you return an item?

As every week we remind you that you must answer in Trendencias Answers and not in this post.

White Party Shoes 2012 2013

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 The new White shoes for your looks are very nice, the design of the White party shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013 seem especially designed for Christmas and New Year!

So if you need sandals and shoes to complete your look and other New Year's Eve events and parties, stop by White and you can check how beautiful are these shoes jewel, which has a very fashionable Baroque!

But are not the only interesting party shoes White, many more rooms, heels, slippers and peep toe! Do we see them?

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

The White shoes surrender to fashion shoes with rhinestones and rhinestone jewelry designs.

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

White also points to the fashion party shoes with heels and gold accents.

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

These party shoes white baroque jewel-like stones and velvet are a compraza.

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

There are also red party shoes.

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

White Other options are the party with platform shoes, studs and rhinestones.

Zapatos de fiesta de Blanco 2012 2013 White Party Shoes 2012 2013

And if you want to go with flat shoes and slippers these dancers in White are perfect!