Monday, November 26, 2012

Always beautiful in town for Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba

Miranda Kerr

Day after day and never tire of seeing the new looks that leave us famous as Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba for the city without much preparation or mysteries. Trends accessible style and small details that make the special sets, like glasses model retro fun with his bow.

Miranda Kerr

The only retouching to look good to look for Miranda Kerr is leading change that maxibolso hand. However Givenchy it seems a sports bag in size. For a timely ride is a bag in which you can get inside and pulse taken as she does has to be considered an exercise gym. Better blouse that mixes materials and transparencies.

Jessica Alba

By Jessica Alba is lower complication since a jersey dress and gray leggings has made ​​the whole sum at that patent leather flat shoes and a scarf for a touch improved the idea, without appearing to be too left. For Diane Von Furstenberg bag with one gold chain .

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