Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And the star of the season coat is ... The military of Mango!


I have blogger's eye. That or do not understand, because every season I get obsessed with a garment and just hating because every blog I go see her. And this season has passed me with a coat signed by Mango, air and military men. The only problem is that (yet) I'm tired of it and its price ( 99.99 euros ) shoots a bit. You can pay but I have so many jackets that would take the party you deserve.

As I was saying, for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 have item in the network is a Spanish firm coat it look all their own way: with khakis, jeans, leather skirts or leggings. And the result is always the same, positive.


The author of The Northern Light, Hedvig Opshaug prefers full coat combine this trend with a lumberjack style shirt and jeans dark frames. An urban-cool look for a mom to the most fashionable.


The choice of leather pants is good: a full outfit but without saturating trend in sight, what do you think?


And as I always do his best for the end. Personally I love the Smille Columbine style, but sometimes happens. And this time the result is more than positive. I love it! Indeed, I began to set in the shelter because of her ...


Are ye of you fell motionless to the charms of this coat?

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