Friday, November 16, 2012

Are Bershka Christmas dress? Welcome to your outer space


Without realizing it we are smelling the turkey to be served on the 24th of December in our homes, we crave dessert nougat and do the 'letter' to Santa Claus. Yes, even though I deny Christmas is just around the corner and firms start your engines. A clear example is Bershka (you know who have won an adept with its makeover) has already launched its holiday collection.

And Petite images! Personally I love the idea, and those who follow the Twitter of Jezebel will sound this season. And we could go on the day of shooting and we moved forward (a dropper) what was going to be this collection.


I recommend that if you want to see the images in good quality and with great detail you go by the web. I have had to cut so you could clearly see the dresses and clothes that make up this collection, so many images lose much charm.


How could it be otherwise, the dresses are the main star of this collection. Circulated great detail as necklines stones, gold and much tulle applications.



The print-animal comes in black and played with the mix of fabrics like tulle and velvet.


And though this dress is sleeveless like the picture, is ideal for the time that we live in a few weeks. What do you think?


The details do matter

Low-cost firms increasingly are favoring accessories and jewelery, so we should not be surprising that half of the campaign is dedicated to them.



How about some earrings that I loved? Those horn-shaped and are golden. A touch to your outfit complete and despite appearances to the contrary, weigh nothing!




One of my favorite jackets for this winter 2012/2013 it is full of white sequins and black accents.


And if you're from out of control with the couple black and gold, this set of earrings and necklace will be your weakness.


What do you think?

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