Friday, November 30, 2012

Are the days not wanting to complicate? "Turn on" the street with a cigarette


There are days that we are not to puzzle over the look that epatará, there are days "reds" who do not feel like cute skirts, blouses or abriguitos vintage trifles. For many years when a woman had a day I did not want complications holstering a Levi's ... Now the celebrities lit the street with their cigarettes. Carlota Casiraghi, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr show us how they do them in his last public appearances.

Do not be fooled, not a fashion suitable for all. The cigarette has its own definition in your name, skinny, narrow, long puff of cigar which. What matters is that our legs are long and slender gazelle but which the ratio between waist and hips, as happens to Kim Kardashian and it owes its success, is curvilinear. If our hips are wide and our waistlines also better pass this option.

Charlotte Casiraghi and the other two players are among the former, thin women, some higher than others, but whom the cigarette makes them look even more stylized. Carlota in what looks like his final appearance at the opening of the Gucci Paris Open.


Blake Lively on the other hand has been caught at the airport in Los Angeles trying to go unnoticed. His way of dealing with those "days without complications" (and unwilling smiles to the paparazzi) is this.


Miranda Kerr is otherworldly, always thin, always with heels, skinny or mini and always bringing up her chubby baby should weigh a hundredweight.

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