Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ari Seth Cohen shows us chic grannies in his book Advanced Style

Advanced style

Fashion, like love, is something that has no age and more than fashion, style. You are born and die fashionista fashionista can be cool and have the old you. Just ask Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style blog owner, who has just published a book with the same title which illustrates the streetstyle of seniors. The result is worth seeing.

Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen has found a reef in the world of blogs and especially in the world of blogs showing looks from people on the street: the Sartorialist Advanced Style is the elderly, street style blog centered seniors, seniors and left behind the complex and the shame and dare everything.

Advanced Style

Now we have a very special selection of his photographs on paper, thanks to the book bearing the same title as the blog: Advanced Style, a book that does not lack boldness and lots of personality. I'm a fan of the work of Ari Seth Cohen, I think a bet atypical and original as he, too, am a fan of older people, as he says: "From the point of view of style, I find them more interesting because they are in a age where they do not have to impress anyone and can wear what they want. "

Advanced Style

In Style Advanced find the most irreverent grannies around the world, with a particular style that leaves no one indifferent: most daring and risky that many girls of twenty.




The book is now on sale and is the less interesting because it shows that fashion and style is something suitable for all ages.

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