Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baboom! Looks scandal to let everyone KO


Oh la, la, la. I remember well an expression fell from the lips of a lover in a movie when I was little. My memory fails, but that feeling of leaving someone speechless to go dressed in the perfect way it stuck in my mind. So try to find this kind of looks each day. And you know what? Everything is possible: with daytime outfits, party, night or weekend. No matter the clothing worn, if all are mixed correctly get the same reaction.

Skirts help people repair you. With a cotton shirt or a denim shirt mix is great and makes you the coolest place. If you opt for you can always turn heels or slippers oxford.


But if you're in you can not get the pants and less in cold weather, do not despair! These girls show us that simplicity goes hand in hand with the style and make a great couple and unequaled. I love the low-cost outfit Christine with wool sweater, skinny jeans and shoe salon.


The red color, along with oxblood, are shades star of the season, so a coat of this tone is perfect for going out in a good mood and joy. I like how it gives the prominence it deserves without looking like a strange in the street.


And finally could not miss a black and white outfit Total giving prominence to the tartan scarf. I'm in love (always) of this pattern and finally! I have my supplements in this print. What do you think of the result?


Are you ready to make baboom?

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