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Charrière Camille, a blogger and editor of Net-A-Porter you will continue

Camille Charriere

Charrière Camille is one of those names that appear gradually hear more, and if not his name, then at least his style of street is beginning to be seen in many places. French journalist living in London now works as an editor of Net-A-Porter and taste instantly convinced.

His first appearance in H & M

This past August H & M already laid eyes on Camille Charrière devoting an editorial looks Swedish firm and the video you can see here where the very blogger talks about her passion for fashion in her hometown of Paris, by the which leads us to teach us some of their favorite sites.

Street style photographers and ficharon

Camille Charriere military

Camille Charrière name or your blog, Camille Over the Rainbow, and is known for at least a few who continue to photographers who regularly cover the fashion weeks. Like any good blogger the last French has collected his appearances in the international media in a single paragraph of his blog and there we can see media as NY Mag, or Facehunter Vogue, Cosmopolitan, among many others.

Logically, in coming months and similar events will continue to see more appearances by Camille Charrière, like other fashion bloggers already known among a wider audience.

The trends adapted to a simple style

Camille Charriere minimalism

What I love about Camille Charrière is when you choose a style close to minimalism, understand this were excesses, was bullshit. Blank sets like this picture, wearing straight cuts or casual appearance but together they are more elegant than any other idea developed.

Camille Charriere basic

In its basic combinations and donmina the monochrome clothes, opting for a black and white base quite clear, which is adding specific details like burgundy color these days, a bit of red, some green and military darker blue.

Camille Charriere leather

Taste for leather pants, either capri or shorts, skirts also, without missing current trend but incorporating them into your style without forcing.

Camille Charriere coats

In the shelters also adds to the larger, high volume that dominate your wardrobe this season.

H & M Camille Charriere

Models like this coat mottling long H & M.

Wester Camille Charriere

The brand new collection of Maison Martin Margiela for H & M seems to mirror some of their sets. This bomber Carin Wester palazzo pants combined with Mango could spend part of the campaign said.

Camille Charriere rocker

A touch rocker with legendary Celine Boston bag in hand.

Tricot Camille Charriere

Nor misses the trend of sports sweatshirts animals with teams like this from Gina Tricot.

Maje Camille Charriere

No hand stops taste combinations informal sports as we see, including Nike with Maje shorts and a jersey from Zara.

Sandro Camille Charriere

Sandro perfect.

Camille Charriere Massimo Dutti

As Massimo Dutti, and that its header marks on everything is Zara (somewhat expected), along with other low cost brands like H & M or Mango which is combined with more expensive brands.

A good blogger to follow and also share few photos of each look up, not 20 as others, some detail and some different planes and longer.

Photo Gallery

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Official site | Camille Over the Rainbow
In Jared | Kate Moss, Queen streetstyle
In Jared | Zooey Deschanel, the indie it-girl

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