Friday, November 30, 2012

Cloned and plundered: here smells holidays


How could it be otherwise, this cloned and plundered opens today with a Zara inspiration, weird right? therefore, no. And the strange thing is that we said that the most famous Spanish brand in the world is not inspired by any designer. Maybe that charm that has diminished a bit. Anyway, today I propose a Christmas look thanks to a blazer that the brand has to look like one of Balmain.

Same court and same buttons, the difference is that the copy is made ​​of velvet and gives it a festive air. And obviously the price: one costs a few thousand euros, while the second 89.95 euros .

And if you want to find a comfortable shoe but manages to Christmas Day, you can opt for this slipper collection taken Gala González x Mango. It is inspired by the model of Miu Miu. What do you think?


Prepared? Looming for the holidays?

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