Friday, November 16, 2012

Cloned and plundered: painted red Zara your sole and get some Christian Louboutin


We all known that the Inditex Group will sack clones, and more at Zara. Sometimes they are very blatant, others subtle, but (almost) always inspired by the above. And I will focus on the collection of shoes, because we need only paint the red sole and have a Christian Louboutin for far less. Of course, the quality will not be the same, of course.

Example? The typical lifetime salons but with two straps across the instep. Originality?? I thought so, but the other day I noticed that the French designer had a model as close.

And those that have been copied a thousand times have been his model Spiked Pigalle. I love them, but not so much the price, and for several seasons Zara launches its own version. This year's is my least favorite (since the studs do not flood the model), but still, the air so beloved rock is present.


With which of the models you stay?

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